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Portfolio - Doll•Baby•Angel•Spirit

The Doll-Baby–Angel-Spirit  series began in 1983 during the artist’s graduate school experience in jewelry design and silversmithing. Soon after learning the techniques of chasing and repoussee (and being a former life drawing major), the attempt of entering an artist’s toy competition resulted in the creation of the first “doll”.The piece was not finished in time to enter the competition, but while going through the ritual of the lost art technique, the piece became more than just a doll to the artist. The face seemed to develop an aura of calm and of spirituality during the time-consuming manipulation of the sheet metal into its 3 dimensional form. Working in a reactionary, step-by-step approach, decisions were made pertaining to the type of hand-curled hair, the particular style of clothing, and any other embellishments added to the figure.  The hands (and feet from later dolls) are cast from hand-carved models. The head is hollow to allow the strands of hair to be attached from the inside through small, drilled holes patterned around the die-formed head.  The figures have been created from copper, bronze, brass or sterling silver metals.​

The time-consuming repousse´ technique, illustrated...

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